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Dec 1-2, 2018 | Seamus Conley | Visual Sampling: Oil Painting in the Digital Age | Los Angeles, CA


Seamus Conley

420 E 3rd St #130
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Dec 1-2, 2018 @ 11:00am - 4pm

15 Students

Saturday December 1st

Brief introduction about my work and process. We’ll Introduce models and take photos with our iPhones/iPads. We will play with multiple poses and shoot photos in a group or individually. You will be able to direct the model as you wish. The images you shoot will be incorporated into your painting.

I’ll do a demo using the iPad app “Procreate”. I use this app to build a composite image that I use as a reference to paint from. After that you’ll use the images we took of models and transpose them along with images you bring. You can use photos you’ve taken yourself, found images, digital or otherwise and incorporate them into your own composite image. You will be using your final composite image as the reference for your painting. I’ll will walk around and spend time with everyone. I’ll make sure you are able to use the tools and achieve certain effects, and help your overall understanding of the app.

Sunday December 2nd:

Prep the canvas. Print out the composite image you created in “Procreate” and transfer it onto canvas. Then we will begin to paint. I will start my painting, explaining my technique and how I approach the oil painting process. I will circle around and observe your work and answer any questions you have about your individual piece. The class will continue to paint until the session ends.

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