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This shirt is an experimental collaboration between outdoor elements and various natural yet controlled processes on an original artwork by the artist, Phil Hale. This t-shirt represents a 3rd iteration of an adapting image.

The original piece was painted by Phil Hale years ago. He then had the painting printed. After the print was complete one of the plates used for applying cyan ink was discarded outside and left to be weathered by the London elements. Over time the plate became dented and dinged and took on a patina and character only possible through loving neglect. After years in the making, this plate was finally ready to become the subject of the final stage.

The damaged plate was then photographed and silk screened on t-shirts utilizing old world wash techniques that altered the cotton to incredible softness by battering away the initial materials. In the end, the treatment of the fabric mirrors the controlled decay of the piece from painting to plate and finally, to something wearable.

Artist : Phil Hale
Material Preparation and Silk Screen : Sasoon Markarian
Art Direction : Justin Daashuur Hopkins
Photography : Yoshino
Model : Olivia Shove

+ Sizes - S, M, L, XL
+ Tight fit